Commission For Clayton Music And Wine Festival Event

I am pleased to announce this was a commissioned painting for the City of Clayton’s, Music And Wine Event for June 10th, 2017. The painting will be auctioned/raffled off at the festival & a huge puzzle will be made out of the print to raise funds. Not sure on all the details as this was a short turnaround to get the art completed on my end. Stay tuned for details. So excited! Click here to view Clayton Music & Wine Festival Event painting by Genevieve Esson.clayton-music-and-wine-festival-event-genevieve-esson
“Clayton Music And Wine Festival Event”, acrylic on stretched canvas, 30″w x 20″h. SOLD. #wine #music #cocktail #CityOfClayon #MusicAndWineFestival #painting #abstract #art #figurative #GenevieveEsson #artist #stl #stlouis #saintlouis #stlouismissouri #augustawinery #montellewinery, #balduccivineyards, #nobeleisvineyards

Lots Of Sales Today At Tower Grove!

Sales were great today at the market. SOLD three paintings, a handbag, a bunch of cards, art magnets & more. Thank you so much TGFM and all my lovely art patrons. I really appreciate your support! #art#supportlocaltalent #stl #artist #GenevieveEsson #painter#MultiMediaArtist #PublicArt #StLouis

She had me sign and date the back of the painting.



Rhythm Of The Forest

Rhythm Of The Forest, Multi-Media, 30″w x 38″h

I am pleased to announce I have a new Original painting for sale:”Rhythm Of The Forest”. It is a Multi Media painting with upcycled items inthe body of the work. The painting is inspired by my love of trees, Jackson Pollock & Vincent van Gogh. This artwork will be on display at my art show “MultiMedia: The Diversity Of Trees” at Third Degree Glass Factory. The Opening is May 20th. Stay tuned for more details. You can buy prints and more on #art #painting #trees #MultiMedia #GenevieveEsson #AbstractExpressionist #still

Client Testimonial To My Art

I am so excited! My client who has bought several of my paintings has sent me photos of the actual artworks in his home. All the Jackson Pollock inspired drip paintings are my creations. I am so ecstatic. He has been a joy to work with. A kind person, who appreciates my art! He even wrote a testimonial about my artwork and professionalism. This makes all my hard work worth it. I am so grateful to have a patron such as he. It makes such a difference and a joy to have people write nice things like this. It seems that it doesn’t happen often enough. Here is his testimonial:
Ms. Esson
As you know I found your art on the Web at Fine Art of America. I originally purchased some canvas copies of your work. When I received those replications I fell in love with your work. Next I reached out to you to inquire about purchasing some of your original work. I was not expecting to get any reply. However. I was extremely surprised when you immediately responded to my inquiries. I then purchased three original works from your gallery. Again your artwork is AMAZING. Your repose time and product delivery time and product handling skills surpassed my every reasonable expectation.
Lastly I inquired about a commissioned piece of art. Again your response time was terrific. Best of all your Art work is absolutely stunning. You are a treasure among masterpieces.
I rate your skill and professionalism A+++
Lastly your prices are very reasonable. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. I pray that you will include me on any invitations to any special showings that you have at your gallery.
An extremely satisfied customer, Thank you, I am
#art #painting #DripPaintings #abstract #AbstractExpressionist #GenevieveEsson #JacksonPollock #artist #GenevieveEssonArt #StLouis #stl #SaintLouis

Wall Ball 2017 Was A Blast!

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Here are some photos from Wall Ball. The night was so busy I did not get a chance to take more. I had so much fun! It was amazing! The place was packed and the evening went by in a whirlwind of activity. It was great to see so much art being created. What a wonderful group of talented artists! Thank you Artscope for putting this event together. It was a fun night! So much energy and hustle! Thank you everyone for stopping by and saying hello! You know who you are! 😘💞 Thank you also to all the wonderful Artscope volunteers for your help!!!! You rock!!! 💜💙💚 #wallball#artscope #majorette #painting #stl #nightlife #genevieveessonartist #artist

Red,White, Blue & Black Drip Abstract is SOLD

I am pleased to announce I have completed my commission for my art patron in Pennsylvania. Thank you to my client and thank you FAA! This is a drip abstract inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock. There is so much paint on it that it blended together nicely creating a marbled effect. It is a commissioned piece for a client and is SOLD. Here is the link. This is the 4th piece he has bought from me! So excited! #AbstractExpressionism #JacksonPollock #DripAbstract #ActionPainting #abstract #patriotic #RedWhiteBlueBlack #painting #acrylic #GeneiveveEssonArt #stlred-white-blue-and-black-drip-abstract-genevieve-esson

Original Artwork Monarch Butterfly Has SOLD

I am pleased to announce that the Original Artwork for “Monarch Butterfly” has been SOLD. Thank you to the buyer from St. Louis, MO & thank you! #MonarchButterfly #monarch #butterfly #artowk #painting #orange #GenevieveEssonArt #stlmonarch-butterfly-genevieve-esson

Lady & The Unicorn (Sound) Painting Is Now Available For Purchase

I am pleased to announced I have completed my painting Lady & The Unicorn Du Son (Sound). The original artwork is available. $1,985.00, acrylic on stretched canvas, 24″w x 33.75″h. Click here to see it on This painting is one in a series of five paintings in honor of the Cluny Museum Unicorn Tapestries: The Five Senses. I have completed 3 of the 5. It took me almost one year to paint this piece. I had other projects going on, and there is so much detail and it is a large painting. The last one I painted was in 2006, so it’s been over 10 years. I have painted other tapestry inspired paintings in between. A captured Unicorn, and my own take of the Lady & The Unicorn Tapestries. They have all been SOLD. My paintings are not exact replicas of the Unknown Artists & Weavers who created these tapestries in French speaking Belgium in Medieval Times. The tapestries now reside in the Cluny Museum in Paris. I was first inspired to paint these canvases by the mystery and the floral and fauna aspect of the Unicorn Tapestries. There is something about them. The tapestries show an appreciation for nature, animals, music and culture. They hold an element of magic and love. This painting comes with a frame and is ready to hang. Signed on the front. Letter of authenticity. #UnicornTapestries #unicorn #tapestry #painting #LadyAndTheUnicorn #sound #music #red #GenevieveEssonArt #ArtWithHeart