SOLD A Print Of “American Flag Abstract With Trees”

I am pleased to announce I SOLD a 14″ x 9.5″ print of “American Flag Abstract With Trees” to a buyer from Mesa, AZ on Thank you to the buyer and thank you FAA! #AmericanFlag #artwork #multimedia #painting #StarsAndStripes #trees #RedWhiteAndBlue #OldGlory #flag #UnitedStatesOfAmerica via @fineartamerica american-flag-abstract-with-trees-genevieve-esson


SOLD A Shower Curtain ON FAA

I am pleased to announce I SOLD a Shower Curtain of “The Yellow Brick Road” to a buyer from Atlanta, GA on! Thank you to the buyer and thank you FAA! The original artwork is color pencil on pastel paper, and created in the 80’s. Inspired by #DavidBowie #art #showercurtain #YellowBrickRoad #fantasy

Forgotten Art Statement Resurfaces

Hope Floats by Genevieve Esson. Acrylic & Multimedia on Stretched Canvas. 36″ x 36″w SOLD 

I just found this old Artist Statement from 2016. ??? I wrote it when I completed an artwork called “Hope Floats”. I must have lost this, but my computer found it when searching for art statements. LoL. Here it is & here is the art I SOLD on VangoArt one year ago. Enjoy! : “To me, art is therapy. I love colors, line and movement.  I approach my art with a lot of thought but express it spontaneously via painting with acrylics and mixed media. It usually achieves a rhythm or pattern that brings harmony and connection to the universe and natural world around me. A fairly recent piece I have completed is  “Hope Floats”. It is a pseudo abstract piece of a woman holding an umbrella, both taken up by a gust of wind, her apron string become butterfly wings. Surrounding her are more butterflies, musical instruments, notes, snippets of word poetry, owls and a dolphin and mermaid statue drawing inspired by sculptor Carl Milles and the Missouri Botanical Garden, proclaiming “Man is the dream of the dolphin” a quote taken from musical artists, Enigma. The piece speaks in riddles and rhymes, mainly proclaiming, “Follow Your Hearts Desire.” This mixed media art illustrates a good reason of why I do my art. This is my work:  I follow my hearts desire. I am inspired by nature, animals, people, music, illuminated manuscripts, beauty, color, trees, spirituality and art history. I have somewhat of an environmental conscience when I create, sometimes feeling Mother Nature speaks to me in some way, wanting to express her message in my artwork: Linking people to the natural world, with its magic and beauty, is the aesthetic of my vision. Like a navigator, I love to explore and learn new things. A twisting line of color and movement often makes me feel like a space traveler, not quite touching earth. Travelling the world searching for clues and meaning, hoping to connect via a coincidence or some kind of geographical or scientific discovery. What is the reason for our existence? Will there ever be an answer? ”

~Genevieve Esson/Artist Statement 2016 ©


Creve Coeur Streetlight Banners Whimsical Motion 2, 8″w x 10″h, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas with black painted border, $125.00.

Hello Everyone, Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I am having an End of Year Before New Years Sale. I have 10 left out of the 22 Original Paintings. Originally $250 – NOW $125. Repeat buyers of my art get an additional 15% OFF. EMAIL me to purchase. I was commissioned in 2016 to design 22 Original paintings for the City of Creve Coeur. The banners are now on display on Olive Blvd between Tempo & New Ballas over the I-270 corridor.

 You Can Also Buy Prints, Fine Art Cards, Tote Bags, Throw Pillows, Yoga Mats, Tshirts, Shower Curtains, Phone Cases, Rounds Beach Towels, Beach & Bath Towels, Bath Sheets, Battery Covers, Pouches & Duvet Covers.
Thank you for your interest and support of my art. #CreveCoeur #WhimsicalMotion #StreetArt #PublicArt #banners #OriginalPaintings #paintings #art #GenevieveEsson


SOLD Original Painting

I am pleased to announce I SOLD the original painting, “Woman In Red” to a buyer in St. Louis, MO. Thank you to the buyer and thank you FAA. #woman #red #winelovers #wine #redwine #painting #acrylic #figureative

Woman In Red, acrylic on gallery wrapped stretched canvas, 6″w x 6″h SOLD

SOLD Throw Pillow On FAA

Monarch Butterfly Spatter Paint Throw Pillow

I am pleased to announce I SOLD a Throw Pillow – 14″ x 14″ of Monarch Butterfly Spatter Paint to a buyer from North Venice, FL. on! Thank you to the buyer and thank you FAA! #monarchbutterfly via @fineartamerica

SOLD Reflections On Color

I am pleased to announce I SOLD the Original Artwork, “Reflections On Color” to my art patron in Singapore. This artwork was selected for MetroScapes 2017 for Arts In Transit. This is so exciting! Thank you so much to my international art patron & thank you Arts In Transit!! Click here for Prints & More on! #artistsofinstagram #metroartist #metroscapes #MetroScapes2017 #artforsales #metro #artsintransit #reflectionsoncolor #reflecting #colorful #paintingoftheday🎨 #myart #stlouismo #saintlouisartist #metro #publicart #buses #publictransportation

EPSON scanner image
Reflections On Color, acrylic on gallery wrapped stretched canvas, 16 x 20 inches SOLD