Forgotten Art Statement Resurfaces

Hope Floats by Genevieve Esson. Acrylic & Multimedia on Stretched Canvas. 36″ x 36″w SOLD 

I just found this old Artist Statement from 2016. ??? I wrote it when I completed an artwork called “Hope Floats”. I must have lost this, but my computer found it when searching for art statements. LoL. Here it is & here is the art I SOLD on VangoArt one year ago. Enjoy! : “To me, art is therapy. I love colors, line and movement.  I approach my art with a lot of thought but express it spontaneously via painting with acrylics and mixed media. It usually achieves a rhythm or pattern that brings harmony and connection to the universe and natural world around me. A fairly recent piece I have completed is  “Hope Floats”. It is a pseudo abstract piece of a woman holding an umbrella, both taken up by a gust of wind, her apron string become butterfly wings. Surrounding her are more butterflies, musical instruments, notes, snippets of word poetry, owls and a dolphin and mermaid statue drawing inspired by sculptor Carl Milles and the Missouri Botanical Garden, proclaiming “Man is the dream of the dolphin” a quote taken from musical artists, Enigma. The piece speaks in riddles and rhymes, mainly proclaiming, “Follow Your Hearts Desire.” This mixed media art illustrates a good reason of why I do my art. This is my work:  I follow my hearts desire. I am inspired by nature, animals, people, music, illuminated manuscripts, beauty, color, trees, spirituality and art history. I have somewhat of an environmental conscience when I create, sometimes feeling Mother Nature speaks to me in some way, wanting to express her message in my artwork: Linking people to the natural world, with its magic and beauty, is the aesthetic of my vision. Like a navigator, I love to explore and learn new things. A twisting line of color and movement often makes me feel like a space traveler, not quite touching earth. Travelling the world searching for clues and meaning, hoping to connect via a coincidence or some kind of geographical or scientific discovery. What is the reason for our existence? Will there ever be an answer? ”

~Genevieve Esson/Artist Statement 2016 ©


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