Client Testimonial To My Art

I am so excited! My client who has bought several of my paintings has sent me photos of the actual artworks in his home. All the Jackson Pollock inspired drip paintings are my creations. I am so ecstatic. He has been a joy to work with. A kind person, who appreciates my art! He even wrote a testimonial about my artwork and professionalism. This makes all my hard work worth it. I am so grateful to have a patron such as he. It makes such a difference and a joy to have people write nice things like this. It seems that it doesn’t happen often enough. Here is his testimonial:
Ms. Esson
As you know I found your art on the Web at Fine Art of America. I originally purchased some canvas copies of your work. When I received those replications I fell in love with your work. Next I reached out to you to inquire about purchasing some of your original work. I was not expecting to get any reply. However. I was extremely surprised when you immediately responded to my inquiries. I then purchased three original works from your gallery. Again your artwork is AMAZING. Your repose time and product delivery time and product handling skills surpassed my every reasonable expectation.
Lastly I inquired about a commissioned piece of art. Again your response time was terrific. Best of all your Art work is absolutely stunning. You are a treasure among masterpieces.
I rate your skill and professionalism A+++
Lastly your prices are very reasonable. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. I pray that you will include me on any invitations to any special showings that you have at your gallery.
An extremely satisfied customer, Thank you, I am
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Wall Ball 2017 Was A Blast!

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Here are some photos from Wall Ball. The night was so busy I did not get a chance to take more. I had so much fun! It was amazing! The place was packed and the evening went by in a whirlwind of activity. It was great to see so much art being created. What a wonderful group of talented artists! Thank you Artscope for putting this event together. It was a fun night! So much energy and hustle! Thank you everyone for stopping by and saying hello! You know who you are! 😘💞 Thank you also to all the wonderful Artscope volunteers for your help!!!! You rock!!! 💜💙💚 #wallball#artscope #majorette #painting #stl #nightlife #genevieveessonartist #artist