Sun & Moon Bookend or Paperweight

I am a scrappy artist who loves to upcycle found objects. This is actually 4 blocks of wood glued together and is leftover from a high school Shop class for those cool tri-colored cutting boards made from wood. On one side is painted a moon and on the other a sun. The sides are painted too, transitioning from day to night and vice versa. The piece is solid, heavy & sits squarely on a table or bookshelf and can be used for art, a bookend or paperweight. It would look great on anyone’s desk! Perfect for a unique one of a kind gift for that special someone in your life or family member. This piece will be available at the Shrewbury Holiday Bazaar this Saturday. See events for details or PM me if interested in purchasing. #art #paintings #acrylic #sun #moon #upcycle #wood #stl


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