My Mural At Marygrove Is Coming Along

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Here is the Margrove website link:


MONARCH MADNESS Was A Blast! Here Are Some Photos From The Event! Enjoy!

Thank you everyone for stopping by!!! =)

Me painting LIVE at Monarch Madness!
Lots of cool butterfly ideas!
Love LOVE the Ladybug!!!
A huge set of people sized Monarch wings ready to take off!
Genevieve Esson Art Painting LIVE!
The Three Musketeers + 1 showed up. It was so good to see them!
A whole table was dedicated to Monarch Butterfly art1
Look at those clouds!
What a great outfit, back and…
What a great outfit, front and…

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Monarch Madness FAMILY FUN FREE EVENT Invite! Saturday, Sept. 12th, 10am-3pm


I am proud to announce that I will be a vendor at this most awesome event, Monarch Madness. Monarch Butterfly paintings, magnets, lampshades, fine art cards & 11 x17 posters of this infamous colorful butterfly will be available at my canopy: a variety of other items also. The festival runs from 10am-3pm, on Saturday September 12 at Weldon Spring Site.

Other activities will include butterfly tagging, guided hikes on the site’s 150-acre restored Howell Prairie, educational stations and hand-made product vendor booths, and crafts for kids like making butterfly seed bombs from native wildflower seeds. In keeping with the “journey to Mexico” theme, Taco Truck StL will be on hand offering its authentic Mexican food for sale. People are also welcome to bring their own picnics and everyone will be able to enjoy their food to the sounds of local musicians.

I was a vendor at Tower Grove Farmers’ Market in July and a most gracious buyer purchased one of my handmade butterfly cards & asked me to be in this event. I am most honored. Thank you.

The word “butterfly” in various languages

Cherokee ᎧᎹᎹ (ka-ma-ma)

Scottish dalán-dé “god’s fire”

German Schmetterling; Falter

Danish sommerfugl

French papillon

Italian farfalla

Polish motyl

Croatian leptir

Spanish mariposa

Navajo k’aalógii

Albanian fluter

Irish féileacán

To see the full list go here:

Have A Nice Indian Summer!