Artwork Is At The Gallery Ready To Be Displayed

I dropped my artwork off at Fine Art Ltd gallery this yesterday for my show at Chesterfield City Hall next week with sculptor Harry Weber and painter Rob Dryer. It was really great to meet Robyn and go on the tour.

They want me to hang some art at the gallery too. Yay. I am so thrilled!

16914_10207211147656001_5687517215587902545_n  10369200_10207198360536331_4443280480746899287_n 10446645_10207198360816338_702818706707105115_n11169947_10207198361336351_5045654035618945205_n10941867_10207198362776387_4735709817768418464_n11108671_10207198360216323_1139611688186538832_n1531799_10207198362536381_1929121854814822606_n


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