Got the butterfly wings in the mail today for my #RTR #FOW playhouse!

Brought all the props into the playhouse for a photo shoot: school desk, binoculars, butterfly net, Milkweed seeds, Monarch butterfly interactive fun book, basket with art supplies and paper, kids strap on wings, papier mach caterpillar and chrysalis, puzzle pieces & drawing template. A few more accessories, a magnifying glass, step stool & antennas should round it out nicely!

10551029_10207097791062157_4220772980108572395_n11351240_10207097788582095_1951860953074329396_n11391431_10207097787702073_5099627282268189340_n  11391765_10207097789462117_8792263064679123234_n 11391771_10207097788342089_4147954581402526549_n 11392806_10207097789022106_4090362828020721460_n 11425255_10207097721460417_7494745927736486020_n 11425498_10207097788822101_1179698359198611280_n #RTR #FOW Raise The Roof Friends of Wings


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