I forgot to post these yesterday.

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I painted a good 8 hours on my ‪#‎RTR‬playhouse. I was so tired I took a nap in it. Lol ‪#‎FOW‬

Raise the Roof

Friends of Wings

Genevieve Esson Art Fan Page


Lots Of Art Projects!!! Read All About it!

I am so busy with my day job and art projects right now. Lots of good things are happening! The St. Louis Earth Day​ Bus Mural, sponsored by Project Clear STL​ for St. Louis Metro Transit​ is complete and rolling around the Lou. I am currently painting on my Raise the Roof​ playhouse for Friends of Wings​. Getting ready for three art shows, two group (one with famous sculptor Harry Weber) and one solo show. I SOLD my Lincoln Douglas Square​ Stl250​ cake. It will be at Let Them Eat Art​, where I will be painting LIVE at the cakewalk with other cake artists. I am also an art vendor June 6th at Tower Grove Farmers’ Market​! So I am pretty booked for the summer already. I wanted to have an Stl250 Paint Your Favorite Cake Event in May, but it looks like that is going to be pushed back to July or August. I will keep you posted. #RTR #FOW #Stl250