Got a lot done today.

Applied wing texture to the roof, two charts and more details to b-fly identity, painted the 2nd door and little monarchs on the ceiling. The papier mache caterpillar and chrysalis are almost dry. 

1508053_10207053493354742_9073593193138168834_n 11109261_10207053493634749_5619304679673597844_n 11218896_10207053496554822_2560612560734830192_n 10906437_10207053497154837_2197799851315281582_n11351289_10207053496194813_6329865465283666324_n  1743621_10207053497634849_5342528328665424307_n 11295551_10207053497754852_7850855034226029040_n



Raise the Roof 

Friends of Wings 

Genevieve Esson Art Fan Page


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