Painted On The Playhouse Today For Raise The Roof!

11204933_10206882013707858_2029230362575344981_n 11256854_10206882015187895_8123498175680633673_n

I got a lot done on my ‪#‎RTR‬ playhouse for ‪#‎FOW‬ today! Even with the rain and scarey looking clouds. It was a very productive day. Raise the Roof Friends of Wings ‪#‎monarch‬ ‪#‎butterfly‬ ‪#‎MonarchButterfly‬

1610924_10206882014507878_1243670959064607211_n 11203004_10206882015947914_3411856146909197026_n 11203136_10206882014107868_4883186886607033338_n 11205020_10206882015707908_1043552767412664734_n


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