St. Louis Earth Day Project Clear STL METRO BUS

11188178_10206814380017058_6114780519790945987_n 13520_10206814376576972_4888030245843405343_n 11100665_10206814374736926_6629859312327625644_n 11182148_10206814378057009_91820320264350965_n 11174790_10206814411697850_9020909228606183144_n 11182056_10206814412857879_444457028128429727_n 11055298_10206814418298015_5207518106306269461_n 10394551_10206814421458094_3975980398103183892_n 11174934_10206814420378067_250594429164098509_n 11188208_10206814433698400_2469349946187196754_n 11203077_10206814427578247_409480528299642236_n 11058759_10206814434978432_955927401124889030_n

Final Painting Complete On The Bus Mural By Genevieve Esson Art. I tweaked the bus after Earth Day. Please note – I could not get a full capture of the curbside of the bus, due to a wall, that is why there are sections of the bus captured on that side. So proud to have completed this project and getting to work with great people!


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