Augusta Plein Aire Festival in New Melle – April 30th

I finally got a chance to go out to Augusta to do some plein aire painting. So after tweaking my bus mural for Metro I drove out to New Melle on Thursday, April 30th and found this beautiful old German church that was built in 1878. I met some amazing people and made new friends. It was such a perfectly lovely day! After painting we set our artworks up at Seven Stones Wine Garden for the judging. It was really exciting

!  11110191_10206829800322556_6479433061543272320_n 522073_10206829803802643_737709308505757976_n11174853_10206829803242629_2459114929044287125_n 11205964_10206829804242654_2189267866476425103_n 11209748_10206829802922621_4608767355360380744_n 11212754_10206829801242579_6686193756657493344_n 10360543_10206829802082600_8019125524715120531_n 10647015_10206829802562612_6452597601295385543_n 11141198_10206829807722741_8042285867189812863_n 11162196_10206829807202728_3838055124516761865_n 11168117_10206829804602663_3299744319028669463_n 11169945_10206829806642714_400034964540426383_n 11193332_10206829805162677_3496767470142853556_n


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