Finishing up the accessories for the ‪#‎RTR‬ playhouse for ‪#‎FOW‬.

So glad. I have been working on this project for almost a month now, along with others. So just need to put it all together and I’m done. Whew! Oh yeah, I still need to do the papier mache butterfly etc…. HaHa 

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My friend Sian Allen, who lives in the UK asked me over a year ago if she could use some of my artwork in a school project. I said yes, as long as she shared it. The final result she just finished is on the left. The other two images on the right are her studies with pics of my artwork. Here is what she had to say about her final image: “It was an identity project, where it needed to be based on what I thought of identity and my identity is music and how it makes people feel and it’s a little inspired by your work as that what gave me the idea for the guitar.” Love it! Thank you Sian for your inspiration and talent!!! Keep up the good work!10609662_10204865831024551_6795987942407990418_n 11329750_10207016544831052_2823085549243017249_n 11227602_10207016543631022_3333706968149441073_n

I gave a facelift to my painting “La Bastille Bouffant Bird Lady.

The Left is Before, the right is After. This piece is going to be in the Corvids Cake Artist Show May 30th from 6-9pm. My Compton Hill Water Tower cake was inspired by my Spiral Bird Lady painting series. This is the second painting out of the series. Compton Hill was third.

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